About Seppo Näätänen

Seppo Näätänen, born 3 October 1920 in Vaasa, died 30 July 1964 in India, was a Finnish painter. Seppo was educated at the Finnish Art Academy 1939 - 1941 and the Free Art School 1943 -1945 in Helsinki. He also worked as an art teacher at the school in Ruovesi (Ruovesi Yhteiskoulu).

Seppo Näätänen was married to the painter Elga Sesemann from 1945 until his death in 1964.

Among his works is the altarpiece of Värtsilä church, and he is also represented at Finnish National Gallery and the Art Museum in Turku. Seppo Näätänen had many exhibitions, including exhibitions together with Elga Sesemann.

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To mark the 100 years anniversary of the birth of Seppo Näätänen, the Municipality of Ruovesi had an exhibition of 20 works by Seppo Näätänen, and some photos and sketches at the Viljamakasiini, Ruovedentie 5 in Ruovesi between 2020-07-13 and 2020-07-29.