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This site is managed by Helene and Charlotte Lesche, sister-daughters of Elga Sesemann and owners of her estate.

We try to collect information about her paintings, exhibitions and other things. If you find things to be missing or wrongful please email us, charlotte.lesche (a)

If you have paintings by Elga Sesemann or Seppo Näätänen, or photos of paintings, exhibitions, or booklets or information about exhibitions, please email us.


We have to make reservations for misspelling/writing, misunderstandings and lack of knowledge in general.

Titles and translations are Elga's or our's or owner's. Info regarding year, techniques, materials or mesurements can be wrong. Pictures of paintings are often cropped due to the framing. 


This site is from the beginning made in Swedish, that is because we live and are born in Sweden.

We will try to translate as much as possible, but now much information is in Swedish. It may be more information in the Swedish version, like text fields for images and other segments that has not yet been translated to English.

This can be a helpful glossary when navigating this website:

  • olja = oil
  • olja på pannå = oil on board (any type of board, cardboard etc)
  • duk = canvas
  • blandteknik = mixed techniques
  • Helsinfors = the city of Helsinki
  • Tammerfors = Tampere in Finnish, city about 100 miles north of Helsinki
  • Viborg = the city of Viipuri (in Finnish), Wiburg (in German), Vyborg (in Russian and English), used to be the second largest city in Finland, lost to Soviet/Russia in WW2

You can contact us in English, Swedish or Finnish by email to charlotte.lesche (a)